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There is a discussion and recipe for making this cheese here, thus I wanted to post these pictures of the manufactured version of this cheese that I have bought here in Houston, Texas.

I bought a loaf and on "pizza", nice brined cheese, not strong like Feta. Used to have some when my family and I lived in Damascus.

Karoun is a California USA company, Wade Zahle is I think just a cheese re-badged by Phoenicia Store. Wade Zahle is the Arabic name for the Zahle River on the West side of the Bekaa Valley.

Zahle is a very pretty town and the gorge where the river is has many nice restaurants, we went walkabout/shopping/dinner several times there.

The whit cheese I really want to find was salty and very flavourful and used on pizza's cut into diamonds at a car/truck stop above Zahle on the highway to Beirut.
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