Author Topic: White Mold Cheeses - High Aging Temperature Symptoms  (Read 1266 times)

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White Mold Cheeses - High Aging Temperature Symptoms
« on: June 05, 2010, 07:02:27 PM »
Hello Everyone....

This is my first post and I would appreciate some of your insight....

Since I am not an expert in cheeses, I figured I ask others who are more experienced in the cheese industry.

With the summer months approaching and warm weather upon us...what are since of heat/high temperature damages to Brie, Camembert, and other soft cheeses.

From my experience clear signs are that the flat wheels will have a sunken/deformed appearance, the product will have a slight ammonia odor, and the cheese will have a soft texture. The white mold coating "Fleurie" will become separated from the cheese and stick to the wax paper wrapping.

What other signs are clear indicators....?

Thanks to all

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Re: White Mold Cheeses - High Aging Temperature Symptoms
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2010, 07:58:21 PM »
What you are looking for are indicators of accelerated ripening. Accelerated ripening feels/looks/smells similar to an overripe cheese. So you'll get paste that is too soft, too much ammonia or other off smells, slip skin, oozing of cheese out past the rind, water/liquid seepage, etc. You covered all the major ones in your post. You can tell ripeness by pressing it and seeing how much it springs back, it's the classic method for bries and cams.
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