Author Topic: Coagulated, Rennet, Cow - Pasteurized But Not Homogenized, Recommendations?  (Read 1207 times)

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Hi Guys,
to date l've used jersey gold top or organic milk which is quite expensive in the UK.
Is it possible to set homogenised milk using more rennet or using calcium chloride?
If so at what quantities?

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In the USA, organic milk is almost always ultra-pasteurized or at least over pasteurized so it is usually not the best choice for making cheese. Don't know about the UK. Organic does not mean that it is non-homogenized. So yes most of us use a little CaCl2 when using homogenized / pasteurized milk. In fact you will probably get better results than what you have been using. Rennet stays about the same. You'll have to refer to instructions from the supplier for your CaCl.
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