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USA - Vermont -
« on: October 28, 2011, 02:16:23 PM »
You know how sometimes a slightly bad experience gets you to contact a company, and their response is so exactly appropriate that you think better of them than you would have even if they'd done everything right from the getgo?

Yeah, it doesn't happen to me very often either. 

I placed an order on the 13th of October - two weeks ago - with - they had the best prices I could find for small quantities of the basics, and they didn't want an arm and a leg for shipping.  I placed the order Thursday night figuring it would go out on Friday or Monday, either of which would ensure that my order spent all its time traveling instead of sitting in a warehouse in Jacksonville or something. 

After placing my order, I didn't get an automated order response, but I did immediately get a PayPal receipt, so I didn't think much of it.  Friday and Monday came and went with no shipping notification, and I admit I was a little torqued, figuring it was bound to go out at a time that would add days to the transit - or that I'd never receive tracking and I'd come home to find it sitting in the sun at my front door.

Then I forgot about it.  That part is entirely my fault - I had every intention of calling and then life got busy and it left my mind completely.  I assume that had I called in immediately I'd have had it handled then.

Today, I realized all of a sudden that I hadn't gotten it yet.  Grumbling a little bit, I went to the website and found the phone number.  To my surprise, a real live person answered promptly.  She was friendly and apologetic and it was obvious that she was horrified to hear that even my little tiny order had been overlooked.   She had me forward her my copy of the PayPal invoice, and within minutes I had a response assuring me that she was sorry but that all was well now, she was going to have a cowoorker make sure there wasn't anything I'd like to have (I'd mentioned I was nervous about the choices I'd made) and I'll have my stuff very soon.  The email came with sincere apologies and courteous service that is rare to find these days - especially with internet storefronts.

I was sooo impressed with her - and her being my one and only contact with the company, I'm impressed by them too.  I'm actually glad my order originally fell into a black hole, because otherwise I might have considered going somewhere else if the price were right.  Now, I'll be sure to call them and see if they have comparable products in my price range.   

Seriously BWS, good show.