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Dansk Hjemmeproduktion contacted me (email below), so I have added them to our Supplier Links Webpage, if anyone uses them please reply below with your experience (good, bad, etc):


I would like to suggest that you add our company to your links page.
We are the biggest supply company for cheese moulds, cultures, rennet etc. in Scandinavia. We also offer 2 complete cheese kits developed by our company, one for soft and hard cheeses and the other for feta cheese. These products are quite unique as they are complete kits for getting novice cheese makers started. The company is based in Denmark and we were established more than 20 years ago.
The English version of our website is not fully developed. However, if one clicks on our Danish, Norwegian and Swedish section one can find the full selection under 'osteri'.
Please do not hesitate to contact if you would like us to provide more information.

Kind regards
Palle Ledet Jensen

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