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How to ATTACH FILES such as PICTURES to forum posts . . .
« on: May 03, 2008, 05:57:09 AM »
With today's digital cameras, resolution and thus picture file size can be very high, in fact bigger than most computer screens can display. This creates a problem in that many Forum Members like to attach large size pictures, but many have slow internet connections.

Thus the current solution:
  • The maximum attachment size is 5 MB (5,000 KB), enough for the highest MP digital cameras out today.
  • The maximum number of attachments per post is 4, so that posts don't become long and to reduce spammers.
  • The maximum picture size displayed in a post is 640 pixels width x 480 pixels height, so that webpage load times are reasonable for viewers with slower internet connection speeds. The forum software automatically resizes the picture that is displayed in the post.
  • A picture that is bigger than 640x480 can be left mouse button clicked by the viewer which will open a new internet browser picture viewer window displaying the full size picture, if the picture is too big for the users screen, that window will have a zoom button for the user to zoom in/out with.
In summary a maximum of 4 attachment/pictures of max size 5 MB each can be attached to each post.

Therefore, to attach a picture:
  • First attach picture to your post by opening the + Additional Options ... button below left of your new post's text window, then Browse to the file on your PC, then upload and Post to finish.
  • Second, if want more than one attachment per post, just click on (more attachments) beside Browse... button.
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