Author Topic: TRapezoid goat cheese instead of round!  (Read 2371 times)

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Re: TRapezoid goat cheese instead of round!
« Reply #15 on: December 24, 2010, 01:55:57 PM »
I don't think calcium chloride would be an issue. 

>> I agree with that !

A potential variable that you didn't mention would be room temperature.  This could affect whey drainage.  As Brie pointed out, too much whey left in the cheese after removing the mold may cause it to lose it's shape.  If your room temp was cooler than normal, you may not have had as much drain as normal. 

>> I'll get back to all the photo of our goat cheeses with dates, to see whether it has to do with the room temperature... I'll get back to you on that ! By the way do you think that the ambiant level of humidity could have an impact ?

A side note, we don't use molds for a "tube" shape.  We bag drain, then we allow the cheese to rest in the fridge over night.  After that we can weigh the perfect amount for each piece of cheese, form it into a ball, and roll it into shape by hand on a cutting board. 

>> Oh I see... At home we use a mold, we feel « safer ».

 Have you continued to have any issues?  Oh, and was it the whole batch of cheese that ended up shaped oddly, or just a few?

>> We've had beautifully shaped cheeses in the past... Also we make 1 cheese at a time since our production is only for domestic use.
>> I have also thought it could have to do with the seasons, and milk being a bit different from month to month.

Merry Christmas to every one ! Take it easy with the chocolates ! (but not with the cheeses !)  :D