Author Topic: My cave and my wine must co-exist  (Read 1244 times)

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My cave and my wine must co-exist
« on: December 27, 2008, 02:00:31 AM »
So I just got done charting what cheese need to do for long term aging and short term to go though the stages. I decided that the wine is corked and it shouldn't be affected. I was going to use plastic bins with humidity packs but that seemed to be a PITA. So I just cranked up my humidifier in the wine cellar to 85 and almost everything should exist at that, wine is good at 70%.

Cheddar 55F Humidity N/A it's waxed or bandaged.
Parmesan had a natural rind 55F 85%
Colby waxed 55F
Gouda waxed 55F
Monterey Jack 55F waxed
Romano natural rind 55F 85%

So it will work for almost everything except blue, stilton and swiss, but I wouldn't let those out in the open anyway because of the bacterias.

For blue after the special ripening period it can just go in the regular refrigerator, for the ripening I will be using the small frig cave I built. For stilton same frig cave, for swiss huh I've never been a swiss there you go. I just need some more data on long term aging of stilton and blue, if it can go for a long time then I might need to buy a bigger frig cave, cause right now I have the 1.7 cubic foot one and it's small.
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