Author Topic: CFO 3 Year Anniverary and Website Upgrade To Articles & Wiki Articles System  (Read 4732 times)

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Merry Christmas to all, CFO is now 3 years old. I originally set it up while on holiday with my family on Oregon USA's coast near Depoe Bay, (where Jack Nicholsen piloted the boat with all the asylum tenants out to sea in the 1975 movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", coincidence?).

I originally hard coded the CFO website's webpages using Microsoft's Expression Web, excellent software but hard coding webpages is a cumbersome system, steep learning curve, time consuming, and only I can edit which I have done steadily over the last 3 years into many many webpages. In January 2008 I installed this forum's software which has been very popular but is by it's nature chaotic in that threads can be (in my mind) in the wrong board and evolve into different and often more interesting subjects. While this forum is a treasure trove of information, even with me renaming threads to more appropriate names and moving to more obvious boards, it is still hard to locate key information, thus requiring considerable time to mine the treasure of information. Also Forum software is not very good for formal Articles which over the years a few members have said they would like to submit.

To address a recent discussion, the old website's and this forum's shortcomings I have spent the last month replacing and upgrading the old website to a new member submitted or edited Articles based system. One unfortunate aspects of this new system is that it has it's own database of User ID's, password and profiles from this Forum, to post or edit Articles or replies you will have to register again, although you can use the same User ID, Password, and Avatar as you have for this forum. Soon I will delete the old website.

I have already moved over 100 of my old hard coded webpages to new Articles, some authored by me and using my User ID. Most I've used a User ID called "Cheese Wiki" and named those posts starting with Wiki, such as Wiki: Oiling Rinds, or Wiki: Turning Cheeses. These currently 94 and growing Wiki Articles are generic on general cheese making Methods, Equipment, Ingredients, Recipes, and Defects that I have built over the last 3 years and can now be edited by anyone, just like Wikipedia. It is hoped that these Wiki Articles will 1) be jointly edited, 2) through many minds become more useful to new and current cheese makers, and 3) be easier for forum members to redirect new forum member questions to rather than please Search or "see the three different posts here here and here". You can find those Wiki Articles via the new website's Category menu system or by Searching on key words or there is a listing here.

The new Articles/Wiki Articles based website is now mature and open for business! You can find out how to submit any Articles you want on your cheese making or raising dairy animals or on other artisan crafts or how to co-edit the Wiki Articles here, I look forward to your contributions and any feedback on the new CFO website.

Merry Christmas to all.

PS: The new website will evolve, for example I still have to set up Author information/bio type webpages etc.

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 ???John, I'm speechless.....
Adding you a cheese is much less than you deserve, and a big WOW!!!
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It's great! Should really help new users such as myself not to have ask the same questions that have been discussed many times before. Thanks a bunch!

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I stumbled across this sometime mid-week. I thought it was a link I'd missed before.

Great job, and  a great many thanks.

This will make research a great deal easier. Looking forward to an Assiago and a Stilton section.
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Well, happy birthday to CFO. And thanks to John for enabling us :)

Merry Christmas to you all!


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Thank you for all the good work you've done, to say it is sincerely appreciated is a huge understatement!
Thanks and Happy Holidays

~ Laurie
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John, I can only imagine how much work you've put into this site.  I second Alex, and will give you a cheese as well!  Thank you for this amazing site filled with more information than I can handle.  My wife gets jealous of how much time I spend with the forum now.
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Awesome job John. Thanks for all the hard work and the new site looks great. Definitely cheese worthy. :)

One thing I like about the current site is that under the main section of cheese style we can actually see the cheeses that belong to that category. Very helpful for a noob or anyone looking at a new cheese type. If we had a <Thumbs Up> emoticon I would put it here. :)

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Thanks from me also John. The site is a fantastic collection of know how and great people , all made possible by your hard work and time. Thanks and Happy Birthday to CFO and Happy New Year to you and all my fellow members.

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Giovanni you have done a FAB-U-LAS job with this forum and the website. I personally think it's THE best forum on the internet for information, ease of use and of course the bonding of the membership!

Happy New year!

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Thanks a million for being so on top of things and working so hard at it. If you need help and support please DM me. This is fantastic!

I too gave you a big hunk of cheese for that!