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Hello, greeting and intro
« on: December 08, 2017, 04:00:07 PM »
I am a new member and new to cheese making. I am in Baltimore for the time being, and used to live in the Pacific NW. So I used to brew beer and now the "ambrosia" to go with that "nectar". And what have I done.... well, I started off with two of the more "advanced" styles for my first time. Crazy, right? First cheese a 5 gal batch of whole cream line milk from local dairy, pasture raised Jerseys to do a Bleu d' Auvergne.
My second cheese is a 2.5 gal batch of store bought whole milk, for a Tallegio!
They seem to have turned out as best they should. The blue should have weighed 6.5 lbs but I lost at least a pound of curd when making and forming. The Taleggio is nice, but I had to scramble to find enough molds to fill so I actually use a wicker bread basket as one.
Long story short, I started this all just the last week of this past October, and this evening December 12.
All seems to be going well. Nice amount of P. Roqueforti on blue, and nice rosy/orange B. Linens on the small 4 and 1 large "basket" taleggios. I did just have a bit of unwanted mold on the "stinkers" but I got at it early.
Question. When do I wrap? Especially the d'Auvergne since I do not want a hard rine? Thanks in advance