Author Topic: Drying time/RH/variable conditions. Guesstimates?  (Read 811 times)

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Drying time/RH/variable conditions. Guesstimates?
« on: February 12, 2011, 11:13:24 AM »
Hi all - heading out of town M, T of next week for a grass-based dairying conference.  Here's my problem.

I have 3 tommes, made very recently, each within days of each other.  Each, therefore, is at a different stage of drying and early affinage.  Because of this, I've been maintaining my cave at 52=55F, 70-75%RH (the digital humidifier only goes in increments of 5%RH - can't dial in 70-72).  I've been placing my "older" cheeses under an inverted SS salad bowl, with a small portion overspill on the shelving (so there's some air exposure - additionally, they sit on coarse matting, so the bottom is somewhat exposed, for good or ill).  My digital humidity indicator is showing 88% under the salad bowl, overnight.  All cheeses are flipped twice daily.

My 3rd cheese is freshly out of the brine as of early this morning.  I planned on drying through Monday morning (believe the 75%RH will take a couple of days, at least), at which point all three cheeses will be allowed to go to 90% RH - the highest setting of my humidifier. 

As I'm leaving town, any idea whether I should drop the RH to 65%, in the hopes my 3rd wheel will likely, assuredly be (also, safely - not too fast) dried by Monday? 

Any issues foreseen in this temporary jury-rig of the 2 under the bowls, while the cave is in general 72-75% (or, if I drop to 65%, a likely drop in the "bowled" cheeses as well - for 2 days only).  I realize "dry is dry," and it isn't time, but rind moisture that matters; just hoping for an estimation on whether this RH% should "work" by Monday, to allow me to head out of town without a sitter.  (Cheese sitter, that is).

Sorry this is rushed, heading out the door to my son's school fest.  But hopeful of some guidance, before leaving town over the next couple of days. 

Many thanks, all.

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