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Monterrey Jack with Dill
« on: Today at 08:12:45 AM »
Saturday was another cheesemaking session. (I am addicted to making cheese already) I decided to make a Monterrey Jack and add a Dill seasoning I like. I found a post on here by @spoons and followed they're idea for adding the spices. Thanks @spoons!!

The session went great I feel. My temp control was on point and timing was great too. I hope to get a pH meter soon and keep acid levels in check till the end. After cutting the curd into 1/4 cubes when it was time to drain the curd it was much smaller like mini pebbles (I've struggled getting that process step down. All in all it was a great session. The cheesewheel is drying on the kitchen counter currently. Enjoy a few cheese pics below