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Maasdam #1 (Leerdammer)
« on: April 11, 2016, 12:55:15 PM »
A favorite of mine has always been a Swiss-style cheese with holes and a nutty taste.  Anyone who has watched You Tube videos on how the Swiss make this cheese quickly grasps that this cheese is made in huge wheels and a bit of study reveals that the large holes are possible mostly because of the wheel size and thickness.  So, I was pleased to discover a Dutch cheese called massdam that was designed to make a cheese with Swiss characteristics in smaller wheels in less time.  Maasdam is the generic name for this cheese.  It is also called Leerdammer, but this is a trademarked version of this same cheese made by Le Groupe Bel. 

I've attached a copy of my complete recipe (begun 01/01/2016) along with make notes in the attached .xls file so will not repeat everything here.  The three photos show the milk used, the wheel right before putting in the the "warm box" for four weeks, and the wheel we cut this past Saturday when some friends came over for dinner.

All agreed that this is a "knock your socks off cheese".  It had small holes as was expected in a 7 pound wheel but the flavor was buttery sweet with upfront fruity/nutty overtones and a strong umami flavor that persisted in the mouth and made everyone want more!  With that here is a rough version of the recipe used:

1.  5 gallons of Pure Eire raw milk, 1 gallon of Pure Eire non-fat raw milk
2.  1 tsp calcium chloride, 1/4 tsp Lysozyme to guard against late blowing.
3.  1/16 tsp TA-61, 1/2 tsp Alp D, 1/16 tsp LH-100, 1/4 tsp Propionic Shermani
4.  3/4 tsp single strength liquid veal rennet.
5.  Combine above using standard procedure, ripen for 30 minutes at 91F.
6.  Target floc time 15 minutes; actual 15.5 minutes with 2.5x factor; cut at 39 minutes.
7.  Cut in 1 inch cubes, rest 10 minutes, cut to pea size, stir 20 minutes and settle
8.  Remove 1.5 gallons of whey, replace with 1 gallon of 140F water over 30 minutes to 102F.
9.  Stir for 15 minutes, settle, drain to curd level, pour into whey warmed clothed colander, drain and into 8-inch hoop.
10.  Press 9# 15 minutes, flip, medium pressure 30 minutes, flip, continue at 1 hour intervals to pH = 5.4
11.  Cave temperature saturated brine for 2 hours per pound.
12.  Air dry @ 65F for 36 hours turning every 12 hours.
13.  Into 55F, 85% RH cave for two weeks turning daily.
14.  Into 65-68F box at 90%RH, turning daily.  Rind was if mold develops.  Cheese showed "puffing" at 12 days.
15.  Back into cave for seven weeks.

I look forward to making this again!  ;D

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Re: Maasdam #1 (Leerdammer)
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2016, 04:07:47 PM »
Nice cheese Kern and one for you. I just received my cheese making supply order that had Propionic Shermani for Swiss. Thanks for posting your notes on this one it sounds delish.


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Re: Maasdam #1 (Leerdammer)
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2016, 12:28:30 AM »
This was one of my favorites too. I had some success a while back.

Good job...have a cheese.

Let's ferment something!
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Re: Maasdam #1 (Leerdammer)
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2016, 03:08:56 AM »
Great cheese Kern. Definitely worth one from me.
- Andrew