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Pressed High Temperature/Cooked "Swiss" Type Cheeses


This Board is for Members who are interested in making or who make Pressed High Temperature Type Cheeses.

Due to the high scalding temperature of the curd during processing they are also called “cooked cheeses” and in the USA they are often referred to or even named as "Swiss" Cheeses. Some of the general characteristics of the segment are:

* Curds are cooked, sometimes to very high temperatures.
* Use Thermophilic more than Mesophilic starter cultures.
* Low water content, <40%.
* Fat in dry matter 40-55%.
* pH 5.20-5.40.
* Proprionate taste.
* Long shelf lives.
General procedures and control points can be found in Culture Manufacturer CHR Hansen's Emmenthal Cheese Brochure posted in the Library Board.

Some High Temperature Type Cheeses sorted by origin are:

* France: Gruyère, Comté, Beaufort.
* Greece: Graviera.
* Switzerland: Emmental/Emmentaler/Emmenthal/Emmenthaler, Appenzeller.
In addition to this board there are Recipe (Ingredients, Directions, Tricks & Traps, & Pictures) webpages on this subject on the Recipe Area of website as follows:

* Alpine


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