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Blue Brie and ?'s
« on: July 27, 2014, 08:40:28 PM »
Hi all!  After reading tal_d1's My first Gorgonzola – Success thread I decided to try and make a blue cheese but use a brie make.  I have made Stilton and I think it was a Castle Blue.  I wasn't happy with the texture of either and when I saw the picture tal_d1 posted I thought I would try something different.  He didn't include his make instructions and going off this one sentence, "I made the cheese based on my Brie recipe." I stepped off into an abyss.  I started the cheese on 7/8/14 so it is almost 3 weeks old.  I am going to list my make instructions and some pictures.  And then ask a couple of questions in the hopes someone can help me.  I do not have a pH meter.  it is on my wish list.

I used
Approx 3 gallons raw Jersey milk I am calf sharing so it was maybe a little light on cream
1/4 t M starter
1/16 t PR mold
1/4 t rennet double strength

Heated milk to 90.  At about 85 I added culture and mold.  Once it hit 90 I stirred well and added rennet.  Let sit 1 hr 30 min.  I forgot to maintain the temp so it dropped below 90 during this time to about 86.  I checked at the 1 hr 30 min mark and let sit another 15 min.  Cut cubes into 1" pieces.  Let sit 10 min heal.  Stirred the curd for 10 min.  Let curd settle for 10 min.  Drained whey to curd level.  I had a bunch of very very small pieces on the top.  No idea on  that one.  From here I ladled the curd into 4 4" round molds.  I lined the molds with cheese cloth, which I will not do next time.  Flipped molds after 2 hrs.  Let sit another 2 hrs and flipped again.  At this point it was 8 pm and I let sit overnight.  The next morning I flipped one more time and let sit 2 hrs.  Unmolded cheeses and salted at 1 t per cheese.  Put the cheeses in a covered container on a rack and put in cave at 50-55 deg.  After 9 days I pierced the cheeses about 7-10 each.

I have a few concerns.  I am worried that there is too much moisture in the box.  There is constant condensation on the box lid.  The cheese seems to be soft to the touch on the outside.  Also there is this white fuzzy mold growing on it.  I have been flipping once a day but we left town for 5 day and it was left unattended.  Ideas?  Should I worry about the white fuzz?  I keep wiping it off.  I was thinking of trying one at 30 days as the other blues I made were a little strong after 6 weeks and more.

I am including pictures.

Curds going into mold.

Cheeses after about 5 days

White fuzz

Cheese mow after fuzz is wiped off

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