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  • Hello, my name is Jobe
    My first personally crafted recipe... though highly derivative, but I would argue that everything we know about anything is derivative  >:D My cheese, named "The American", is a double adjunct ripened cheese with a a layering and "precise" temporality of microbial growth. The plan, whether it comes to fruition in exactly this way is doubtful given my limited experience, is to use the make of a cooked curd blue cheese followed by a period of b linens promoting washes to facilitate a distinct and unique flavor profile. Eventually, hopefully, ending up with a Frankenstein of the two that is edible  ^-^ Below is what I have done so far:

    The American 1.0
    2 gallons whole P&H cows milk
    1/2 tablet rennet
    1/2 tsp CaCl
    1.5 tbs salt
    1 packet mesophilic C101 (I believe this is about 1/8th tsp but its been a while since I measured)
    1/16-1/32 tsp PR
    1/16-1/32 tsp B linens + an even smaller amount for the wash

    1. Ripen milk for 1 hour after adding all cultures and CaCl @ 88 degrees F
    2. Heat milk to 100 degrees, add the rennet, and in my case I waited 80 minutes because I was not happy with the curds at 60 minutes.
    3. Cut the curds in to 1 inch cubes, giving 5 minutes to heal between every direction of cutting (length, width, horizontal).
    4. Stir gently two or three times every 3 minutes for 1 hour (keep an eye on curd temp and don't let it drop below 84 F).
    5. Pour curds in to cheese cloth and let it stand until minimum dripping.
    6. Fashion the cheese cloth and curds in to a ball/slab and them between two hard objects to be pressed at 6 lbs for 3 hours.
    7. Mill the curds in to thumbnail sized pieces, add the salt, mill the curds again to distribute
    8. Place curds in to mold, flipping every 15 minutes for the first two hours, then every 30 minutes for two more hours, then let sit over night (or 8 hours), flip again for a final 8 hours.
    9. Give the cheese a rub up to fill in and even out the surface.
    10. Air dry at room temp, flipping every 6 hours, for 2.5 days
    11. Realize that its drying too quickly, panic, wash it early with a 3% brine and B linens solution
    12. Stick it in the cave @ 55 F and 95% humidity, flipping daily, washing every other day
To be continued (as I make it up)

To be completely honest, I do not feel that I have the experience or the tools to properly execute my goal cheese in the first try. If anyone has any suggestions on improving my method please give them to me as this is a work in progress.

I plan to give the cheese a b linens infused brine wash after about 5 days (or as soon as I see any unwanted blue mold growing). The cheese will be kept at very high humidity while I mature the b linens and attempt to keep the blue mold from coming in. After I feel the linens has secured its territory, I will stop brushing off the blue, as well as lower the humidity slightly. Fingers crossed!

I will continue to update this original post as things progress, so keep your eyes open and hearts atwitter!

Mistakes I made/changes I feel need to happen:
  • I only meant to heat the milk to 96 before adding rennet but overshot it.
  • I did not mill the curds into small enough pieces
  • I do not know if I waited too long before doing the rub up phase or what, but it did not work perfectly so I need to alter something about that step
  • In the future I think the addition of geo would be beneficial, even though it seems to be rampant in my cheese cave without adding it in
  • Possibly a different mesophilic culture, but at this juncture I have no idea whats what :o
  • Next one will be 3 gallons (the biggest I can make at the moment)

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Looks great!  Should make an awesome blue with those beautiful gaps in the curd.  You molded that, and rubbed it up, perfectly.  AC4U ;D
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