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Mr. Blue the Second
« on: Today at 11:42:12 AM »
After the success with my first blue I started the second. I hope for the best so I'll post updates on the go (not waiting some weeks to see if it's worth posting or not).

I strictly followed the recipe from H-K-J's blog and now it's at room temp for the first stage. Today in the morning I saw some blue signs, but I wasn't sure. Now, after 9 hours it's clearly and definitely blue! The smell this time is amazing! It smells like blue cheese from the start. Last time the smell was not too pleasant, but in the end it turned out to be very tasty. I cannot imagine what it will be like now!

This time I used a wonderful caciotta mold that I got for my birthday (the same day I started the cheese) and the cheese has a nice round shape.
I used 6l of raw caw's milk, 200ml of 35%cream, PR of the PV strain, MM101 as starter.
I had a bad start, the milk wouldn't coagulate at first and the flocculation time was over 30 minutes. I don't know what the problem is, I'll experiment with the variables to bring down this time (last time it was 40 minutes(!) and the cheese was wonderful, so I won't worry too much). I made a camembert earlier and the floc time was 5 minutes, so I can blame only the milk. But we'll see.

I left the milk disappointed and went with my wife to the steak house to celebrate. When we got home three hours later the curds were formed and it was the right time to laddle and drain them. The final drained cheese weights 915g (~2lb).

(Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, in real life it looks better)

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Re: Mr. Blue the Second
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Have you smoothed that yet?
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