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Cheese tasting
« on: May 18, 2016, 02:41:04 AM »
Hello all,

I currently live in Belgium and I was at the store the other day, trying to decide on a few cheeses to buy and I had an idea. Since Belgium is a very central European country, we tend to find many of the various European cheeses. So I thought, as long as I'm enjoying such a wide variety of cheeses (it's a tough life), I might be able to make myself useful. So if anyone wants some closeup photos or wants me to too look more closely at a certain cheese, I'd be happy to oblige  ;D ;D

(I'm currently enjoying a Cantal and a very Tomme-like abbey cheese).
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Re: Cheese tasting
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 01:59:35 AM »
Hi Max1,

Clearly... we love pictures of cheese here on the forum! So yes please... Show us what you're eating and maybe some tasting notes... Cheese porn rocks!


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Re: Cheese tasting
« Reply #2 on: Today at 08:32:27 AM »
Sure , any photos of cheese are appreciated , especially with reviews.

I used to belong to a Pipe club , when i was making and smoking pipes , we used to do this thing called a "Box Pass" , everyone would put their mailing address in a forum thread , one person would put together a box with any old pipe paraphernalia , pipes or tobacco etc , that they wanted to share , then include a list of addresses , when the first person recieved it , they would take whatever they liked in the box and add a little mor than they took , then send it on to the next person , and so on and so on.................

That way everyone got to try different tobaccos or articles that the wouldn't normally get.

When the box was returned to the original sender , it was like Christmas , it was usually a lot larger box and was full of great stuff , usually none of the original stuff was left.

It's too bad we can't do that with cheese , could you imagine the selection of cheeses one would come up with in the end , not to mention everyone along the way.

Ahhh well , photos and reviews will have to do.
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