Author Topic: Forum Posting Etiquette & Best Practices  (Read 3851 times)

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Forum Posting Etiquette & Best Practices
« on: January 11, 2009, 09:25:37 AM »
Fellow Members

As this forum is getting more Members and busier with more posts, it is also becoming a resource for many Members and Guests. To optimize it's helpfulness and effectiveness please follow normal Forum Etiquette & Best Practices:
  • Try not to hijack threads: Example, if a thread's topic is on issues with brining Parmesans, do not turn it into a discussion of stockpots. If it happens unintentionally, I can split threads if requested.
  • Post non-cheese posts in The Lounge Board: Example, if a thread's topic is on pasteurized vs raw milk, do not ask in that thread about the weather or how their pet is doing, or inane posts that add little to the discussion, The Lounge is specifically for those posts.
  • When replying immediatly to someone's post, you do not need to use the quote button and repeat their post, it is self evident, doing so just plugs up a topic and makes it harder to read and understand the conversation.
  • No swearing, aggressive, racist, sexist, or excessively negative posts.

Following these will hopefully keep our Forum useful and popular rather than becoming a Chat Forum.

Thanks for your support and happy posting :).
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