Author Topic: What are the implications of very high yield from Jersey milk?  (Read 17 times)

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The cow I milk is 10 months post calving, and yielding 3+ gallons on milking once a day. Yesterday, and last week, the yield from 3.75 gallons of milk has been about 5.5# curd! Last week I made caerphilly, and after cheddaring and pressing the final weight was 4# 10oz. Yesterday was Jarlsberg, and after pressing, before brining, the yield was 5# 7oz.
In both cases the makes were on targets, curd felt right for pressing, pH was good, temps were right. So I wonder what are the implications for aging? There must be very high solids in her milk now, but is extra moisture likely retained as well? And is there a more optimal kind of cheese to be making when the solids are high?