Author Topic: Milk from the big retail stores - Any difference in quality?  (Read 39 times)

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New to cheese making here, and I have almost all my equipment together and will be starting with my first batch very soon.

I was thinking about the quality of milk at the different larger retail stores. Near me I have Walmart, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Aldi, Save-A-Lot and Target. There are probably more, but that is what I can think of now. Are there any of them I should stay away from or prefer when it come to whole milk?

The price matters of course, (Walmart around $4, Aldi around $2.65) but I just wondered if there is any difference in the quality.

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Re: Milk from the big retail stores - Any difference in quality?
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Hopefully some one will chime in on exactly which brands they are have the best luck with , but I will say that in general  most members here have had some of the best results with some of the cheapest milks .

Or raw . Which is the most expensive .

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I have had terrible luck with Safeway milk which is called Value Corner. However, Al Lewis uses Safeway milk I think and makes some good looking cheeses. I personally have switched to a local-ish milk called Alpine Rose, which is pasteurized and homogenized but they use a very quick and minimal pasteurization technique. Every company I have called will tell me their pasteurization techniques and for cheese making you want as little heat and for as short a time as possible otherwise the milk won't set a good curd because the proteins are messed up (or something like that).
I am a cheese loving college student headed towards a PhD in Psychology working with what I have to produce some yummy morsels. Advice is always welcome!

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I wouldn't have a clue about milk in your part of the world but I can tell you what I look for.
Unpasteurised milk is not an option here. It is not legal to sell it.
I always go for the milk with the longest use-by date. The supermarket always put that at the back of the shelf.
I always buy un-homogenised milk. In my local supermarket there are two brands of un-homogenised milk produced by small dairies. One usually has more cream floating on top. I go for the other one.
I should also mention that I have three supermarkets in my local shopping centre. Only one has a good selection of milk.
Like I say, that is a purely personal approach but it may help you in some way.
- Andrew