Author Topic: Saffron infused Manchego Curado stage ***update #4 - over two months***  (Read 5444 times)

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Re: Saffron infused Manchego - CURADO ***update #3***
« Reply #15 on: August 19, 2012, 06:21:17 AM »
Cut into one wheel for a taste at the Manchego Curado stage.  And, a chance for more cheese porn.

I love seeing your photos!  Yes, I notice it's fun to take photos of the cheese and the term "Cheese porn" has me thinking I should have mood music on during the photo shoot!  ; >  I think the equivalent for satin sheets is the nice cutting board I use.  Next I'll be sprinkling rose petals around.....
actually I have put rose petals on the surface of soft cheeses....I'll be experimenting with herbs too since I grow so many.  Photos ARE a lot of fun to look at and I'm slightly jealous of your level cheeses......mine are a bit lopsided due to makeshift pressing systems.  But my father is kindly making me a cheese press so when it arrives maybe my cheeses will look good too!