Author Topic: Garlic, Powdered - When To Add & Impact On Rennet Coagulation  (Read 778 times)

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I made a basic hard cheese with powdered garlic in it - at age 7 months it was an incredible cheese - 2 customers bought me out of it.  However, it was made in my early cheese days and all my notes said was that it was added to the milk.  I dont remember at what stage - when do you think it would be best - adding at the same time as the culture, or a few minutes before adding the rennet? 

Secondly, my rennet floc time is way way off, 23min yesterday, 40min today (and a very soft curd set after 2.5hrs)- any chance the garlic is affecting it or is it a bad batch of liquid rennet I bought (which has happened to me before).  Thanks.

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Re: Garlic, Powdered - When To Add & Impact On Rennet Coagulation
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I add the garlic ten minutes before moulding. Rehydrate with warm water.  Garlic is antibacterial, so i dont know about adding to a developing culture that early.