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Caerphilly, oops!
« on: April 13, 2014, 11:31:58 AM »
Returning to cheese making after a 7 month hiatus.  My brother proposed celebrating my Dad's 80th birthday early.  Not enough lead time to make his favorite, Stilton style.  Caerphilly it is.  The make went pretty much as intended by the Artisan Cheese Making at home recipe until molding. I don't have MA4001, so I substituted RA22 with a pinch of MD-88.  I used about 3/4 of the starter called for since the 2 gallons of milk included 1 of raw.  Flocculation was 11 minutes, so next time I cut it back further. 

With the amount of curd produced by 2 gallons of milk the follower in my tapered 7.5" tomme mold would not compress the curd properly.  OK, next time make a 4 gallon batch.  Into a smaller mold.  At the end of pressing it was close to bed time.  I hadn't prepared the brine and a frisky lady distracted me.  The net result was the cheese sat in a covered pot unbrined overnight and developed an interesting shape.  In the morning I put it in the "medium heavy" brine for 8 hours, dried off overnight and now in the cave at 53°F 65% RH for a couple weeks until I head down to North Carolina to see Dad.  Most of the excess curd was eaten with a sprinkle of salt.  Pretty good flavor already.