Author Topic: Stretching Phase - Surface Cracks?  (Read 1088 times)

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Stretching Phase - Surface Cracks?
« on: June 28, 2012, 08:21:15 PM »
Thanks for the help previously.  Made a few culture mozz which came out ok.  Did make two provolone's which did stretch somewhat and have been in the cellar for about 2 weeks.  I could not get the outside completely smooth without a crack when stretching and forming.  Sort of the same thing happens with the mozzarella.  It just seems like when I form the ball it will not smooth out.  What could the possible reason be for this?
I have made a few Parms and have used C201 culture and when looking thru the forum found the recipe for using TA61 and LH100.  Read a paragraph by Sailor about plasmid and gene transference and was wondering if I could just use C201 and MM100 to achieve the same thing or do I have to order the LH100?