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Title: Adjusting Rennet
Post by: Clean break on February 27, 2013, 09:34:45 AM
Hello All,
I have been adjusting my rennet amounts after a few batches of gouda and cheddar that flocced at 6-7 minutes.  I lowered by a third and got no floc after 40 minutes while trying to make a tomme (obviously too much adjusting ::))  I am getting milk direct from the farm but from several different sources at this point until I settle in to one farm for cow and one for goat and sometimes I mix in some store bought milk to stretch my dollars.  Eventually I will get a feel for how each milk acts since I am taking copious notes.

My question is what should I do if I ad too little rennet and the milk does not set?  Keep waiting?  Add something?  Turn it into something else?

I really don't want to waste any batches.

Title: Re: Adjusting Rennet
Post by: bbracken677 on February 28, 2013, 09:08:51 AM
The only answer I have for that is to wait longer for the set.....the longest flocc time I have ever had experience with was about 20 minutes (after I made an over-adjustment).

Since I use liquid rennet, I started counting drops. I determined that 24 drops was approximately 1/4 of a tsp, and that 24 drops resulted in, normally, about a 15 minute flocculation for 2 gallons of the milk I use.

Switching suppliers will affect how much rennet is needed quite possibly.

How much rennet are you using for how much milk?
Title: Re: Adjusting Rennet
Post by: Clean break on February 28, 2013, 09:51:09 AM
OK counting drops puts it in perspective.  I really like that idea.

 I have been using 1/2 t. for 2 gallons as per the recipes.  I am just starting out so I do not have that many batches to compare but the last three have been made using the flocc. method and they all were at 6-7 min. so I cut back a third on the rennet which was clearly too much of an adjustment.  I also must admit I could have been off by many many drops given the amount of attention I have been giving to the level of the measuring spoons.  Now that I think about it there is quite a few drops difference between a little under full and a bulging spoon. 

It sure seems like it is better over all to have a little too much rennet than too little then adjust down slightly the next batch.  I have sourced some local  jersey milk as well as swiss cow milk from a fellow cheese maker nearby as well as some really good goat milk from a farm just down the road.  This farm fresh stuff sets so much better than the store bought stuff I started out using I can't even believe it.

I like the idea of counting drops.

I still wonder what to do to rescue the batch if I do not get any floc action after like 30 minutes or so.  Fromage blanc?  add more rennet, get it to set and ....???

Thanks for the reply