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Title: Water in Cheese Fridge problem
Post by: kevindv10 on February 18, 2013, 08:11:27 PM
Hello. I've finally got around to having a dedicated fridge for cheese. I've got a temperature controller and that's fine. A friend built a humidity controller from an Arduino board.

My question is kind of an observation. When the humidity gets up toward 85% (which is what I want) the pooled water in the bottom of the fridge leaks out the bottom seal of the door.

I guess it never dawned on me before just how much moisture is implied by 85% humidity. Is it normal for the inside of the fridge to be soaked and for water to pool in the bottom? If so, what's the solution? How do you keep the cheese from getting dripped on? I suppose I could drill a drain in the bottom if necessary, but unfortunately the only space I have for the fridge doesn't have a drain in the floor (but it is concrete). I'm using a cool mist humidifier so maybe there's a different type I could use. Or maybe...85% humidity is just really, really humid...

Title: Re: Water in Cheese Fridge problem
Post by: BobE102330 on February 18, 2013, 10:12:53 PM
Are there coils exposed or is this condensate running foo of the walls?  Coils will have condensation and need something to catch it.   At 85% you should see maybe a light mist on the sides, not have a lot of condensate running down the sides. 

Have you calibrated your hygrometer?  DeejayDebi posted a how to.  You could be over humidified, or it could be the humidifier's mist just collects on the cool side walls rather than raising humidity.  As you fill with cheeses you should find you need the humidifier less and less. 
Title: Re: Water in Cheese Fridge problem
Post by: WovenMeadows on February 19, 2013, 11:24:48 AM
I'd just try a towel at the bottom. It will absorb the moisture dripping down, and, if the humidity drops, it will help wick/evaporate moisture back into the air a bit. You could remove and wring it out some when it gets too damp. I have a similar issue when I get my fridge too full of cheeses...except my water collects in the built in egg holders in the door!
Title: Re: Water in Cheese Fridge problem
Post by: Tomer1 on February 19, 2013, 05:37:05 PM
Rise the cheeses with wire rack. put a square container where the water drip and empty it once in a while so it doesnt over flow.
Title: Re: Water in Cheese Fridge problem
Post by: kevindv10 on February 22, 2013, 09:53:28 PM
Excellent suggestions. I remember about a year ago when I bought my hygrometer and reading that I should callibrate it. Like so many other things in my life I just threw caution to the wind and assumed it was fine. Well, I'm testing it now with the salt slurry and will post my results. Thanks everyone!
Title: Re: Water in Cheese Fridge problem
Post by: green zebra on February 27, 2013, 07:24:15 AM
I am in the process of setting up an all fridge as my cheese cave and have done some research. According to Gianaclis Caldwell's Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking, she too suggests calibrating the thermostat, using wired shelving (preferably plastic coated, not metal shelves, ), humidifier etc. But she also suggests opening the door daily to help with better air flow.
Kevindv10, maybe this may help you as well
Title: Re: Water in Cheese Fridge problem
Post by: kevindv10 on November 06, 2013, 09:15:25 PM
I understand that I started this thread ages ago, but it's taken that long to get around to new version of the appliance.

The hygrometer is programmed to turn on for 5 second spurts, with 20 seconds of downtime. That way it's not pouring out water the way it did in the past. I've also calibrated it before I started and found the sensor to be 5% below actual humidity with a salt slurry, so I make the adjustment on the hygrometer and all is good! A steady humidity with no water buildup in the fridge.