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Title: Chevrotin (?)
Post by: Smurfmacaw on August 30, 2013, 01:49:29 PM
Decided to use Yoav's Reblochon recipe and use raw goat milk.  I think this makes the cheese a Chevrotin (anybody?).

Two gallons of this mornings fresh Nubian goat milk.
1/4 tsp Flora Danica
1/8 tsp MA 4001
1/8 tsp PLA
12 drops single strength calf rennet diluted in water

Heated milk to 94 degrees.  Starting pH 6.54
Added bacteria cultures (went out to dinner last night so didn't have time to make a mother culture) and ripened 30 minutes.  pH 6.50
Added rennet and got a floc time of 10 minutes (darned goat's milk coagulates quickly)
Cut at 25 minutes (2.5 floc factor)
First cut at 3/4" and let rest five minutes.
cut to pea sized pieces with a whisk.
Stirred for ten minutes until the curd was springy and would mat when squeezed.
pH is 6.4
loaded into two reblochon molds.  (last time I did this I used 1.5 gal and the wheels came out thinner than I wanted.)
first press for 30 min with 3 pounds per wheel.
Title: Re: Chevrotin (?)
Post by: Spellogue on September 01, 2013, 07:32:20 PM
From the little bit of research I've done I found that Chevrotin is made in several variant styles.  A common style of chevrotin is pretty much a reblochon make substituting goat milk for cow's.  Earlier in August I started a chevrotin type myself, but it is a firmer, washed curd, washed rind type tomme.  I should probably stop washing the rind soon to allow some wild geo growth, but I want to see a bit more BL color first. Haven't gotten around to posting the notes yet, but I will soon.

So yes, your recent make looks to be properly termed a chevrotin.  I expect you are planning a rind washing regimen, no?  I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing how this effort progresses for you.
Title: Re: Chevrotin (?)
Post by: Spellogue on September 01, 2013, 09:16:22 PM
Oh, I just realized you used Nubian milk.  A chevrotin would technically be comprised of milk from at least 80%  Alpine breeds (that would probably include Alpines, Toggenburgs, Oberhaslis, and maybe Saanens), but that seems to me to be picking nits.  I made mine with Nigerian Dwarf and Recorded Grade milk.
Title: Re: Chevrotin (?)
Post by: Smurfmacaw on September 17, 2013, 11:04:48 PM
Thought some pictures would be nice.  A raging case of B. Linens has been achieved.  Also achieved cheese cave nirvana.  My wife walked into the garage and asked what the heck that smell was.  Starting to get a nice color and even getting a little soft.  In the pictures remember this is goat cheese so it started out dead white.  Now it's a nice rosy orange.  Oh yeah, it stinks too!

Title: Re: Chevrotin (?) Pictures and tasting
Post by: Smurfmacaw on October 16, 2013, 08:50:08 PM
I didn't have much to take for lunch today so I took one of the Chevrotin's.  My wife has been "noticing" the aroma coming from the fridge so I thought it should be ready for a taste.

It colored up really well.  I'm amazed at the difference in color between these two and the Reblochon's I made the week before.  The PLA came out of the same packet so maybe the color difference has something to do with it being goat based??  Maybe just a quirk....who knows?.....Linuxboy?

The rind was slightly sticky but not too bad.  The aroma wasn't overpowering but it definitely smells like the highschool boys locker room in the hot season.

I cut it in half while still at fridge temp so it was flexible but not soft.

I warmed a thin slice up while getting ready for work.  The taste is way different than the Roblochon.  Much more pungent though not unpleasant.

Later I and my cheese peeps had a tasting at work.  The rind is definitely not for everyone.  Even though I like strong flavored food, I preferred to cut the rind off one side to cut down on the strength of the flavor.  The paste was soft and about 1/3 inch on each side was nice and gooey.  I think it can use another week or three to ripen to the right texture but I wonder how strong it's going to get?  :o

Once to room temp the paste is nice and spreadable so it worked out really well.  I didn't really unleash it on the uninitiated since it was so pungent but the hard core cheese monsters were unanimous that they would pay for this one which is what I judge a cheese by......also my friends at work aren't the type to pull punches so if I bring in a looser I'll hear about it.

Is this my favorite cheese I've  It's a little big for people that like american processed vaguely cheeselike velveeta goop.  Will I make it again?  Definitely, it's one of those cheeses that will work well in a tasting or with other ingredients.

Now the big question - I pretty much duplicated the Reblochon why the big difference?  Is it the nature of goat's milk?  I suspect so...Shorter protein chains or something like that making the reaction to the bacteria's enzymes different....again....Linuxboy.

I'd be interested why the difference and if there is a way to mitigate it in the make.  Not that I want to do that really, I've read that Chervrotin is a stronger cheese than Reblochon but I would be interested in what's going on and how to manipulate it.

Anyway - I'm happy with the cheese and have another one that is back in the cheese cave at a higher temp to gooify.  We'll see in two more weeks at 52 degrees.

Here's the pics:

Title: Re: Chevrotin (?)
Post by: Smurfmacaw on October 16, 2013, 08:51:37 PM
but that seems to me to be picking nits. 

You and Boofer are quite the pair!  :)