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Title: What are your favorite mixed milk recipes?
Post by: Spellogue on October 14, 2012, 01:45:31 PM
I'm looking for ideas on cheeses that use both goat and cows milk in the make.  I made a robiola once adding about 35% P/H cows milk to raw goat milk.  It was good but not great.  I had better luck using just a bit of P/H cows milk in some other washed rind and bloomy cheeses.  I loved the few cheeses I made mixing raw goat and raw sheeps milk.  I hope to steal some more of that precious ewes' milk next spring after our sheep yean.  I'm going to pick up some good commercial creamline in the next week or so and want especially to get some suggestions on goat/cow cheeses that folks really liked. 

I'll probably start out 50/50 goat and cow.  The goat milk will be raw, the cows milk low-temp pasturized non-homogenized.  Will I need to add CaCl?

I'm curious about any style of mixed milk cheese with which people have had successes.  I haven't yet cheddared, nor have I made a pasta filata, but I'm willing to try.
Title: Re: What are your favorite mixed milk recipes?
Post by: margaretsmall on October 14, 2012, 04:49:35 PM
I don't know yet if it's a success or not. but I have a Graviera in  my cave now, maturing. Made on 14th Sept. so a long way to go before I crack it open. From 200EHMC p. 275. Described as "Larger cow's milk cheeses are made in Greece using a recipe similar to a Swiss Gruyere. The addition of some goat's milk gives this cheese a spicy flavour'. I did a half sized make with 6l cows milk (unhomogenised) and 2l goats milk, also unhomogenised. I did add 1/4tspn of CaCl. I can give you a report sometime in 2013!
Title: Re: What are your favorite mixed milk recipes?
Post by: Spellogue on October 21, 2012, 10:03:59 AM
I'm looking forward to hearing how your Graviera turns out.  It sounds enticing.  I just reviewed the recipe in 200 Easy and found in the previous recipe that Montasio is traditionally a blended milk cheese too.  I made a small batch of honey rubbed montasio this summer with only goat milk.  I'll have to try the blended version now too. 

I started a semi lactic with two parts goat milk to one part cow's on Thursday.  Took forever to drain and only reduced to the halfway point of the camembert molds I used.  I filled two pyramid molds with the curd slices too.  It will be interesting to see how the wo shapes develop next to each other.  I hope they won't have retained too much moisture.  I just finished salting them this morning.  They are going into the ripening box in an hour or two.  Hoping too that the geo didn't get too much of a head start.  I think that's what happened to my robiola due.