Started by Zoey, May 11, 2013, 05:54:46 PM

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I've been planning to make my own viili by using store bought viili as a starter. But I'm having trouble finding a reliable recipe.

Anyone have one?

I guess there are at least three important points:

- optimal temp
- incubation time
- what kind of milk: does it have to be heated as in yoghurt, or can I use raw?

Also, here ( it is mentioned that the starter should not be mixed into the milk but left in one spot and then just the milk poured over it without mixing. Can this be right, or should I mix anyway?

I've tried mixing + incubating in room temperature (25C) before, but with very poor results (thin end product with not much stretchiness).

For those who don't know, viili is a typical Finnish dairy product that is eaten as-is, maybe with some jam or sugar sprinkled on top. It resembles yoghurt to some extent, but the sour taste is very different (even more different than between yoghurt and buttermilk), and it is very stretchy (you can easily get 20cm long "tails" hanging from the spoon).

My kids love viili, so we are eating a lot of it. maybe 800grams per day or so. Since I can get a liter of milk from the farm for the same price as I can buy a 250g box of ready made stuff, it would be a huge saving to make it at home.


I haven't eaten nor even seen Viili in person, but from what I understand the texture - slimy, stretchy, call it what you will - comes from polysaccharide chains formed during fermentation. Stirring up the viili would break up these chains and produce the thinner, more watery texture and consistency. I think its largely though a mesophilic or lower-temperture bacteria starter, held more at room temp rather than warmer for other types of yogurt.


Hi Zoey
Mix the store bought viili in 28-30c milk and leave it room temperature 21-22c. You can use 2% starter, for example 20ml to 1l milk.
After 24h viili should be set. At that point pH should be about 4.5-4.6 and isoelectric point achieve.
Now on the surface of the milk is creamy layer and Geotrichum candidum begins to grow on the surface of viili and makes it velvety  :)

Milk should not be homogenised, cream should rise to the surface.
If you like more thicker viili you can heat milk 85-90c and keep it there 15 min and cool to 30c and put starter in. You can experiment with different temperature / time combinations to get a good result.
Now you can use your viili to start next batch. After 2-3 times you should make a fresh start with store bought viili.