How to attach link to YOUR WEBSITE/BLOG to your member's account . . .

Started by Webmaster, April 04, 2009, 12:19:05 PM

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If you have a personal Website or Blog that you wish to attach a hyperlink to for other members or guests to use, there are two ways:

First, go to Menu > Profile > Modify Profile > Forum Profile, then at bottom in "Website title" type what will pop up when others hover over it, ie "John's Blog", then in "Website URL" paste the link, and finally click "Change Profile" button to save your changes. This will cause a clickable round globe to appear beneath your name or Avatar (if have one) on left side of all your posts.

Second, if you also want, you can place a link in your Signature line that appears below each of your posts. In the same Forum Profile settings page as above, in "Signature" line place code like: [url=][/url]
But use your Website/Blog's URL.

Third, if you want, in your Signature, you can make the link a clickable image such as the one below this post which takes you to's homepage. To do this, instead of code above, type for example: [url=][img]'s LogoName (158x25 Pixels).png[/img][/url]]
But again, use your address and location of your image. Note, I've set the max image size to 100 pixels wide x 25 pixels tall so that they aren't too intrusive.

Hope this helps, any questions or better ways of doing things please reply, John!