How to EDIT YOUR POST . . .

Started by Webmaster, June 02, 2008, 10:03:16 AM

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Generally, editing your post hours or days after you have saved it to the forum is not a good practise as often your edits will not easily get noticed as they are in the past. Frequent exceptions to this are for:

  • If you have just posted to forum and want to edit or correct typo's (OK I use this often ;)).
  • Posts that are records such as cheese making.

To edit your post:

  • Ensure you are logged in.
  • Go to your post.
  • Click on "Modify" button to upper right of your post or Modify Inline small editing button to bottom right of your post.
  • Make changes and click Save button at bottom middle or type Alt+S!

Note, I have set the forum software to a 5 minute "grace" period after you post, after that time, if you edit your post, the software will leave a "Last Edit: etc" type note below your post like the one below this one.