Vacuum sealed cheese

Started by Pdennies, July 24, 2017, 12:44:23 AM

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I have a small farm store and I order bulk cheese to cut a repack.  Recently I was ordered not to vacuum pack anything except cheddar, Swiss and muenster. There are Two cheese shops within 25 miles of me that carry some of the same cheese and vacuum pack them. Does anyone have an idea why I wouldn't be able to vacuum seal?


Some cheeses are packed using selectively permeable polymer packing which allow oxygen transfer, required for bloomy rinds and sometimes desirable for other varieties.
I package all my hard cheeses in impermeable vac packs, and have rarely had a problem.
If a cheese is soft, it will squash over time, undesirable aesthetically but not necessarily fatal to the cheese.
I have also experimented with Umai style drybags, which allow moisture loss for further rind development.  This was marginally successful, and would benefit from more experimentation.
I can't think of any reason not to vac pack mature, firm cheeses.