Maggots on my Drying Cheese

Started by djc5232, October 08, 2017, 02:30:34 AM

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Hello! I'm new to this forum as well as new to cheese making. Last week I made my second batch of farmhouse cheddar and a couple days ago, when I went to flip it while it was drying, I noticed there were maggots on it. My best guess is they're from fruit flies. Is my cheese still okay? Is it safe for me to wax and continue on with? Thanks for your help!


I have had them on my cheese once , and I am still here , I cut the sections away that they they had eaten  and finished the aging .


Thank you!! That is what my game plan was going to be, but figured I should look into it just in case.


Another question, if I dug out the places with maggots, can I wax the cheese like that? Or do I have to let the places I dug out, develop a rind?


Yeah, I had a bit of those awhile back. :o
Guess I was lucky.

Let's ferment something!
Bread, beer, wine,'s all good.



I would think that small areas with no rind will not be a problem .



That's a wonderful suggestion! Thank you! I don't have a very sealed off location for drying my cheese and just do the best I can.

Al Lewis

Those are really cool!!  I wrap mine in butter muslin when not in the cave and double wrap my blues in it if I am going to put them in a cave and don't want the mold to spread.  Works pretty good.
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