Shipping container as cheese cave

Started by FrenchBroadGoats, July 22, 2018, 07:33:06 PM

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Does anyone know of anyone using a shipping container as a cheese cave? I know it's not as good as a concrete cave, but for financial and time reasons, I am considering getting one, excavating a slot in my hillside, shoving it in, covering it up, building a tunnel to the door and moving the cheeses in. I know humidity will be a problem, so a concrete floor will be in order. Rust is not a real problem since this is going to be a 5-10 year stopgap measure, until I can get a concrete cave built.

If this has already been tried and found wanting, I would appreciate knowing about it.

River Bottom Farm

Don't know of anyone using one but looked into it at one time. The one thing you need to add is air inlets and outlets to get the air to circulate propelry. The inlet pipe should travel thru the ground for a fair distance to stabilize the air temperature before it enters your aging space


I don't know of anyone doing this. But it is an EXCELLENT idea (says the woman with a 40ft shipping container.....hum) Now you have me thinking   8)


I have visited a couple commercial operations here in Western Washington that use shipping containers as caves. Both that I remember vacuum packed the cheese for aging.