Buying raw goats milk

Started by Baldyrat, August 04, 2018, 08:23:47 PM

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I'm back in Northumberland for 3weeks b4 going back to  Japan and after running the numbers smuggling cheese back is going to be more profitable than cocaine!

I'm looking to buy a 4 kg wheel of mature goats cheese.  Ideally somewhere local or someone i could deal with personally but ill take an online seller. 




Ha ha!  I should do the same thing!  I also live in Japan and am planning to go to the UK in the fall.  As far as I know, taking back cheese should be OK, since it isn't a staple food.  The only question I have is how are you going to keep it cool?


Hard cheeses will do perfectly well in the checked baggage section of the plane , I think most aiplanes keep the hold around 7c .  Perfect for cheese


Yeah, I did it last time with a wheel I got in London..... no problems.  I'm not going to London on this trip though.