Cheese packaging vacuum seal

Started by Soconina, October 23, 2018, 05:20:44 PM

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I just started my cheese company and I am looking for ways to package my soft and semi soft cheeses. My cheeses are vegan, so I don't use unpasteurized milk. Could I vacuum seal the Roquefort? It is made from cashews. How do you package yours? For the hard cheeses I thought I should go with vacuum seal. For the soft and semi- soft cheeses, I have looked into modified atmosphere packaging, but it is out of my budget for the moment. Thank you in advance!


Just purchased some cashew blue style cheese from Frauxmagerie on Georgian Bay. They vaccum packed it and its lovely.


Thank you for your answer. I am now trying to figure out how long I can keep it in vacuum.


Depends on the cheese, but I have hard cheeses in Vac Packs going back 5 years now.