Searching for organic and animal friendly cheese

Started by Saara, January 25, 2019, 12:00:31 PM

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I'm looking for lactose free cheese that is organic and also mother and calf have not been separated soon after calf's birth. I would like cheese to be produced as animal friendly way as possible. I live in Finland and I have not found this kind of cheese here.

Is there good quality cheese available that could be ordered to Finland?

Thank you if you know something that could help.


It might be possible, but I suspect that lactose free cheese is likely to be only produced by large producers and hence, there will be no guarantee for the milk.  If you are up for a challenge, it might be easier to make it yourself. If you can find a good supply of milk (low temperature pasteurised, and also non-homogenised is best) I think you can buy lactase enzymes that you can add to the milk to break down the lactose (I believe Lactaid sells drops that you can add to milk).  You *can* make cheese from that (search on Youtube for Gavin Webber's efforts on lactose free cheese).  However... I'm really unclear whether the starter cultures can digest the sugars that the lactose breaks down, so you might be limited in the styles of cheese you can make.  Sorry I can't be more specific than that.  I assume you have an intolerance rather than an allergy -- if the latter, I don't think I would risk it either way.  A day of discomfort is one thing if it fails -- a trip to the hospital is another.  I lived for a decade as a vegan and while I missed cheese, there are a lot of other delicious foods in the world!