Looking Cheese Production Software - Make Records and Inventory Control

Started by pliezar (Ian), October 15, 2019, 08:23:17 PM

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pliezar (Ian)

Hello Everyone,

I have been away for a while working as a cheesemaker professionally.  Now I was hired to help set up a medium-sized cheese production facility, 2000 litres per make day, in Alberta Canada.  At my previous cheese plant, all the records were done via paper and pen.  Time-consuming and often filled out incorrectly by some of the other cheesemakers.

Does anyone use commercially available or even your own version of production records and inventory control/records, hopefully, that are linked in some way?  This new plant is on a Dairy Farm so we have to track the milk usage to the litre for our local milk board, and they need to know what it is used for as well.  I am hoping there is software out there that can do this.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.




Hi Ian.  Did you find a solution?   I use google forms and google sheets which provides a good solution.  You do need good spreadsheeting skills however.   Message me if you would like more info.  Paul.

pliezar (Ian)

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the delay, we have been using spreadsheets and google docs for our trials, but we have decided to go with CheeseCrafter from Page & Pederson