Truffle flavored spreadable cheese

Started by MacGruff, March 06, 2021, 02:34:06 PM

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A friend sent me this recipe, knowing that I really like truffle-flavored cheeses. It is an easy to make lactic cheese flavored with truffle oil. Quick to make and ready in a week's time.

I made it and served it with caraway seed rye crackers that my wife baked. See pictures for the small wheel and the complete presentation.    8)

Very nice tang to it. The truffle flavor was nuanced ( I will put more in it next time). Consistency is like a firm cream cheese - and that is up to the cheese maker, of course, as you can drain it more to make it firmer.

I will be making this one again in the future.


Will you post the recipe please!
Looks very nice!


Of course!

Both recipes are attached.

I hope you like them.


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I made a truffle cheddar last autumn using a truffle paste from Italy bought in Croatia . So far at least the cheese is really and unpleasantly  bitter. I want to know how people get the truffle flavour into their cheese. If you buy a commercial truffle cheddar or alpine there is always a band of truffle paste in the cheese. Are they using pure truffles ( despite the expense ) or some kind of truffle paste?