First cheddar was a flop. Looking for recipe using pasteurized homogenized milk

Started by Lactosetolerant, October 19, 2021, 11:41:34 PM

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Quote from: rsterne on October 21, 2021, 03:05:33 AM
the version of that sold locally has a "thickening" agent in it

Ive never noticed a thickening agent listed in ingredients, I will keep my eye out for that to avoid it. 


I just went to flip this cheese and inside the vacuum sealed bag I saw a few tiny mold spots.   :( I opened it up and wiped them with vinegar. Unfortunately, I was so shocked to see them it made me forget which side was up so I'm not sure which way was I was supposed to put the cheese back in! 

I'm thinking with the uneven texture on the surface there were just so many crevices for mold to grow.  Any experiences like this?  Is there any chance this cheese will be good at the end of the maturation time if it's already getting mold two weeks in?? 

On a positive note, it smelled really great!


The heavy cream I can buy here is labelled as "Whipping Cream" and is 33% BF, but it has a thickening agent in it.... The highest BF content I can get that contains only milk and cream is 18% BF....

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