Started by Andrew Marshallsay, December 17, 2021, 12:58:05 AM

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Andrew Marshallsay

I've just opened my latest cheese: a Dunlop

The make:
• 10 L Fleurieu Full Cream unhomogenised milk P=3.4%, F=3.8% (P:F = 0.89), brought to 32C
• 1/7  tsp (2 pinches)   MA4001 starter
• 2.0 ml of 200 IMCU rennet in 40 ml of water.
• 3ml CaCl2 in 60ml water

Warmed the milk to 31o C. 
Add the starter, rehydrated for 3 minutes and stirred for 2 min. 
Left for  a total of 60 min.
Stirred in the CaCl2 during this time.

Stirred in the rennet for 2 min, covered and left.
Flocculation time 17 min x 3.5 = 60  min.

Cut the curd vertically to an 18mm grid  then rested 5 min. Cut horizontally and stirred gently. 
Rested for 5 min. Stirred gently for 10 min.

Heated to 36C over 20 min. Maintained at this temp for 30 min with just occasional light stirring.

Drained whey to the level of the curds.
Transferred to a cloth-lined colander and drained with gentle stirring for 10 min.
Covered and added about 5Kg weight. Left to drain for 2½  hours. Kept warm during this process. 
Milled the curds into small pieces (~18mm) and sprinkled with salt in two stages with 10 min between.  (2% of the weight of the curds; curd mass 1.331 kg, salt = 27 g).

Put in a cloth-lined mould and pressed as follows, turning each time:
    1 hr  @ 0.61 PSI
    1 hr @ 1.06 PSI
    1½ hrs @ 2.1  PSI
    3 hr @ 2.1 PSI
    10 hrs @ 2.1 PSI
    9 hrs @ 2.1 PSI
    15 hrs @ 2.6 PSI
    10 hrs @ 2.6 PSI, then unwrapped
    4  hrs @ 0.34  PSI then moved to 13C and 85% RH. (7/9/21)
11/9/21 Washed with strong brine to prevent rind cracking.
14/9/21 Washed with strong brine to prevent rind cracking.
Rind set well. Brushed as necessary.
15/12/21 Brushed and washed with strong brine.
16 /12/21 Cut.

The result: A very nice, mild cheddar-style cheese. Good taste and texture but would probably have benefited from longer aging. I'm particularly pleased with the natural rind.
- Andrew


Great job, AC4U.... We plan to make a Dunlop in a couple of weeks....  ;)

Cheesemaking has rekindled our love of spending time together, Diane and me!


you have an impressive rind on that. How did you mature it? at what RH? Was it in a box or in the open? I have made Dunlop recently - curiously in Scotland its a difficult cheese to find. I waxed mine which I think was a mistake as the texture was too moist. Yours looks quite dry which I'm sure is more like its supposed to be.

Andrew Marshallsay

Thanks rsterne. Good luck with yours!

It was matured in my cave (small bar fridge with temperature and humidity control). It was set at 15C an 85% RH. I had it in an aging box with the lid partly open to start with and removed later. That was because it's hard to keep the humidity up to 85% here in summer and I have found that hard cheeses have a tendency to develop surface cracks without a box. The rind was brushed as needed.
I have also had problems with hard cheeses being too moist when waxed. My next cheddar will be receiving the same treatment as this one.
- Andrew