Is My Harvarti Worth Saving

Started by 3hillsfarrell, June 02, 2022, 09:43:01 PM

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My first Harvarti has been in a ripening box for 4 weeks and is growing fluffy mold and some darker colors. Do I chuck it or wax it?


The mold and dark colors on the outside are almost certainly fine from a "can I eat it" perspective.  However, Havarti is a rindless cheese and so the flavors introduced by the mold will probably be unwelcome.  Give it a good clean, dry it off and wax it.

Kate Downham

I often make havarti with a natural rind. It adds a different dimension of flavour, which I like the taste of (the moulds on mine are usually white or blue), but not to everyones taste if you just want a very simple havarti similar to a purchased one.


I would let it dry up to the stage you can great it, and use it for cooking. Once I did a mistake (forgot the white mould for a Camembert, I think, I let is dry in the fridge, it became hard and it was parmesan like except it was oily because made with full cream milk!) My friends were amazed!