induction !

Started by Dano, July 28, 2022, 05:38:40 PM

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hi all!   
have re-found this page after a few years away
glad to see there is still some activity! as always impressed by so many of you
accidentally found a neat show on hulu- for the love of cheese
has gotten me re energized to try again!

have been toying with the idea of an induction cook top,   too much info available!
sorry if this has been rehashed too many times,  but wondering if anyone uses a wifi enabled portable cook top that is accurate enough and hits a low enough temp?
there are so many out there,  but most look like i would need to still juggle to manage and maintain the temps i want? while still letting me play with the techy part for other projects.....
thanks in advance!


I use my induction cook top.  It goes low enough that I don't bother doing the double boiler thing any more.  I just monitor the temperature in the pot with my thermometer.  You need to be in a warm enough room to keep the temperature relatively stable during the time that you are renneting.  You don't want to heat the pot at that time because you can't stir.  But otherwise everything is fine.

If you are asking if you can automate it, personally I wouldn't try.  If you want to maintain temperature without effort then a sous vide bath is the way to go.