Draining Creme Fraiche for Butter

Started by Katunski, August 10, 2022, 05:42:07 PM

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Hi there!

I just got access to wonderful raw Jersey milk, which is giving me enough cream to make buttermaking more of a project than my previous "shaking a pint jar" ventures. I've been skimming the cream and culturing it with kefir, and using some as creme fraiche and some for butter. I've just started straining the creme fraiche in fine muslin overnight to make it thicker, which has been a game changer. I was wondering if anyone has an idea or experience as to draining out whey from the cultured cream I intend to churn, would the reduced liquid change the final product at all (texture/flavorwise)/ Or would it just turn quicker because of the higher fat content of the cream after the whey is lost.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts!


It shouldn't change the final butter, just make for faster churning.
You can also freeze the cream before churning, which speeds up the process. 


Thank you for the advice, it did end up churning very quickly, no changes to normal texture or taste. And I got the extra whey for the chickens!

Oh, if only I had freezer space for a gallon of cream! I have tried that before and loved the speed it churned.