Very disappointed in Cheese and Yogurtmaking

Started by NewbieInNewHampshire, December 19, 2022, 12:13:58 AM

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I placed my first order at and honestly haven't been treated this poorly by any other vendor, even outside of cheesemaking supplies.  They sent me a cheese trier in a holder that was ripped and filthy, like it had been driven over by a tire. I asked for a replacement and they did not even acknowledge receipt of the email. I figured it must have been lost in the fray, so I re-sent it and they didn't respond to that one, either. I'm really disappointed because their butter muslin is great, but I would not buy from there again based on how I've been treated. I would not anticipate receiving any help whatsoever if anything goes wrong with an order.


I have never dealt with them - but just a thought - did you try calling them?

Having been in the IT business since 1997, I know email CAN be finicky at various times and for various reasons. I see they have a phone number on their website: (551) 404-4065

I've been spending a lot of time in Greece - and one thing I noticed, here responses to emails can be VERY slow, if ever. They really prefer the phone (not saying that's the issue, but just as a thought).


Is still in business? Their website appears to be down the last several times that I have looked.


emails also sometimes end up in spam folders. I would do as others suggested: try giving them a call.


cheese and yogurt making is a British company with an American subsidiary. The British arm is fantastic - always fast helpful and efficient . Maybe you should complain to them at - speak to Ben