Pyment - Mead with Grapes.

Started by Flound, March 21, 2023, 02:37:50 PM

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Making some of the 2022 grapes into a pyment, a grape mead.

Using grapes we grew ourselves, all labrusca. Frontenac Noir, Frontenac Gris & St Croix. No Concord this year, birds got them all.

Did three weeks of primary before racking out of the bucket and into a wide mouth fermenter where the fruit could be added.

Had a wee issue getting fermentation rolling again. An addition of 4 more litres of mineral water and another 450g of honey fixed up.

Soon time to rack into an aging carboy and off of the fruit. Maybe a year or so of aging before it gets taste tested.


I enjoyed watching that, AC4U!

Sounds like another fun hobby.