Most pictures show as 404 error for me

Started by luvscritrs, June 25, 2023, 09:20:37 PM

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I'm on a Mac and have tried Opera, Safari and Chrome.  Is there a known solution?  I've looked around a bit because I have a feeling others have run into this but I wasn't able to find anything.  So sorry if I missed the obvious..  thanks in advance for any assistance provided, I'm dying to see all these cheeses!


Unfortunately, I think the pics are just gone.  Originally they were stored on the forum here, but they seem to have disappeared.  It's a shame.

B e n

It seems to be a common problem sadly. If you are looking for pics of something specific ask and maybe someone can post them?


Thanks so much for responding.  I was pulling my hair out and figured it had to be user error!  Yes, that's a huge shame.  I'd love to see them!


I use Photobucket, and yes, it costs me $70 a year, but at least my photos are still here, and on the other Forums I frequent!....

Cheesemaking has rekindled our love of spending time together, Diane and me!

Al Quentin

I was fortunate to find this board before all the locally hosted pics & other attachments disappeared. I've never seen a real explanation for what happened to the content previously on the server - it may exist, but I haven't come across it.
Lucky for us, the Internet Archive & Wayback Machine exist. The most recent capture I've seen with the missing content is from May 12th 2019, but there's lots of posts with pics.
Try this:

- Al