Taleggio with very sharp aftertaste

Started by Chris.n.Goats, February 24, 2024, 05:06:29 PM

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I made a tallegio from raw goat milk and it developed very well. I let it ripen a bit longer than recommended (more than 8 weeks). it looked and smelled perfect, and on first taste it is good, neither mild nor too sharp. But ...it develops a very sharp aftertaste in your mouth....unpleasantly sharp, almost like burning. I tested it on a number of brave volunteers, and we all experience the same, starts of just fine, but then it hits you.
Is that a sign that there is something wrong with it?  Or is that normal for a well-aged tallegio?


Sounds like ammonia which is normal for over ripened cheese.


That does not sound good. But makes a lot of sense,yes. However, everyone who tried is still ok. In fact, my son continued to put it on his sandwich the last few days. I guess we won't tell....


Ammonia is a normal break down product of overripe soft or blue cheese. It is not dangerous but the flavour/smell  may be unpleasant, like a poorly kept farmyard.


Good to know. Thanks everyone! The recipe said that it is ready for the table in about 4 to 6 weeks, but can be aged longer, therefore I was not concerned.

Now I know, longer is not always better - will stick to the recommended times from here on.

Here is a pic of the ill fated creation