Started by riha, September 07, 2009, 04:06:05 PM

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Hello fellow Finns!

I was once again writing to my blog about my cheesemaking adventures and once again I am lost with the terminology. Could you help me improve my Finnish dictionary a bit.

What is

1) starter culture
2) curd
3) follower (in a cheese press)
4) clean break

in Finnish.

Damn specialized terminology. I can't write my native language.


I would translate starter culture as "hapate". The others are quite tricky.
We probably don't have any dairy emplyees that could fill in the rest, and I'm thinking probably those terms don't exist outside the professional dairy-world.

I've heard people refer to the curds as "juustomassa", but I find the word confusing and inaccurate.



  Try these:-
   1) hapate
   2) rai
   3) not sure yet
   4) lohkeaminen

   just in case curd knife is :- harppu

    :D :D