Oh, the Cheese Markets of Paris! (Photos)

Started by iratherfly, May 25, 2010, 08:09:05 AM

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So as some of you know, I recently came back from another visit in Paris; this one ended up with a double twist. I got engaged AND a volcano eruption in Iceland had forced us to be "stuck" in Paris for another 8 days. Who am I to argue with the airline? Actually, I was going to call and argue when someone from the other room mumbled something about Aperitifs and crêpes. I forgot the airline's number promptly and used my time wisely; between the Escoffier cooking school at the Ritz Paris and the cheese markets.  I must have looked like a mad man documenting every mold, shape and color of cheese. What can I say?

France is cheese heaven and they sure know their stuff. It is quite evident when you walk into a store that the entire display is arranged for people who know cheese. A normal person would know what the sign "Affine" means, and how to choose a Crottin by its mold color to get the desired texture and flavor. They know they can get their Valençay with or without ash, or that the rough rind on the Mimolette is better than the smooth one, even though it was achieved by the use of mites. They know to stop, look, open the paper, sniff the Camembert and then press it with their fingers to feel if its ripe. It's an upside down world where Tommes and Comtés rule sandwiches and YES, you can add to your coffee that milk that says "Cru" on it (raw), heck you don't even need to wait 60 days for raw cheese to eat it.

Here are a few of the gazillion photos I took to feast the eyes on. Let me know if you want to see more!


Those pictures are sheer torture! How sad to be stuck there an extra week! ;D
I keep telling DH that the Euro is falling, great time to go to France!


haha... be that as it may, a cup of Cafe au Lait and Baguette with Brie and Jambon would set you back 17 Euros...

Sailor Con Queso

Ouch. That's $21 even at the lower conversion rate right now. A bit steep for a snack. :P

Cheese Head


Gorgeous pictures, thank you very much, and yes more is better, I am very envious! The sights, smells, scents and flavours of all those cheeses!

Oops, just forgot, you mentioned you got ENGAGED, wow, huge congrats!!!!!!!!! Where's the honeymoon, Paris I hope, maybe you get lucky and again an extra 8 days?


Félicitations pour tes fiancailles :)

As for the cheese, a series of French expletives come to mind which I shan't repeat here. I miss being able to get cheese like that. I miss it ohhh so terribly! But thanks for showing :)


I had to pour a glass of wine just to view the pics--please send more! Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I want to be in gay Paris!


Thanks everyone! John, thanks for the congrats! Sailor - yes. I just hope the travel insurance will cover all these mystery receipts from Fromageries all over Paris :)
By the way, many of these cheeses have posted prices so you can compare. Just beware that you need to convert € to $ and 1KG to Lbs so when you see €18.95/KG it's about $9.99/Lbs)

Here are some more photos below. The last two are of picnics on the bench at the park

Sailor Con Queso

What in the WORLD are those cone shaped cheeses on a stick? IMG-0673


Quote from: Sailor Con Queso on May 27, 2010, 03:23:52 AM
What in the WORLD are those cone shaped cheeses on a stick? IMG-0673

Yeah, what Sailor says :)

Also, I don't suppose you managed to get the recipe for the Rouelle du Tarn? :D


Okay--I no longer have a monitor because I tried to eat right through it at the sight of your cheese-finds. I don't even want to go in to the damage on my keyboard as my glass of wine slipped...
Thanks, IRF for posting.


Lovely and inspiring cheeses. Thanks for sharing.   :-*

And congratulations. A marriage based on a foundation of cheese is sure to age well.  ;)



Alex -...!תודה
Brie - You kill me :) I hope your monitor is Mercury-free because you may not find real dairy inside...
Gina - You are so right. She is a vegetarian with wheat issues so my home meat curing and baking didn't work
Sailor and Vavroom - This cute cheese is called Baratte, which simply translates to "Churn". It's a semi-lactic goats cheese (A bit like Crottin or Valencay). It's tiny one-bite fun (about an inch tall). In stores they offer them fresh, or in a separate container that reads "Affine" on it - these are the old cheeses which have turned into hard grating cheese
Vavroom - The Rouelle du Tarn is a lovely semi lactic also. Creamier than the Crottins and more balanced. I didn't get the recipe, but I wonder about this bagel shaped form and how they ash the doughnut hole. (You don't suppose they sell the doughnut holes under a different name, do you?)


Thanks Ira

The Barattes makes a lot of sense, it's even shaped like an old French butter churn! Hmm, right, well, I won't be trying this one any time soon, but it'll go onthe list :)

As for the Rouelles, I understand that the hoops provide the whole, they don't actually cut out the center like a donut :) I'm in the process of chasing a couple producers and see if they'd be kind enough to share ideas/recipes :) Not holding my breath, but it won't hurt to ask. Worst they can say is "no". Helps that French is my first language, too :)