How to use forum's SEARCH FUNCTION . . .

Started by Webmaster, December 28, 2008, 01:50:52 PM

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First, the Search function is enabled only for Members as a way of enticing Guests to join and participate ;D.

The Search function for this Forum software is accessable in two places:

  • Standard Search function via the upper right hand corner of the webpage.
  • Standard & Advanced Search functions via the menu button "Search" located at the top of the webpage below your visible forum Name.
The Standard Search tool at the top right has several components, different ones are visible depending where you are in the Forum:

  • Forum homepage has blank search bar for the user to type text that you wish to search on and a Search button that you click to run the Search.
  • If you are in a Board in the Forum then an additional middle pop down menu is shown where you can choose to search just within that Board or globally in the whole Forum.
  • If you are in a Thread in a Board then the popdown also gives you the option of just searching within that Thread.
The Menu Search button gives you access to the Standard Search and Advanced Search, help information on the Standard & Advanced Search function can be found by going to the top left Menu Bar > Help > Searching. Advanced Search can be used for example to search for something written by a specific Member or in a specific date range.

A few common Search tricks and traps:

  • After typing in your search text, you can just press enter instead of using your mouse to click the Search button.
  • Text searched on is not case sensitive, ie happy cheese returns the same results as Happy Cheese.
  • If searching on two or more words, you can plain text or place the text in double quote marks. Searching without quote marks on for example culture problems will return any combination of those two words, searching on "culture problems" will return only the entire consecutive phrase, in the order you typed the words.
  • The Search function's results are by default, only for the board or thread that you are currently in. If you want results from for example the whole Board or whole Forum, you have two choices: 1) go back up to that level, or 2) click the pop down menu beside the Search text box and choose where you want to Search.