How to TAKE PICTURES of cheese or cheese making . . .

Started by Webmaster, January 04, 2009, 11:48:31 PM

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Tips for taking pictures of food or cheesemaking:

  • Use a reaonable quality digital camera with zoom feature.
  • You will probably need and use a flash if subject is indoors.
  • Stand minimum 1 meter/3-4 feet away from subject and zoom in to i) avoid fisheye effect, ii) make it easier for the camera to focus, and iii) not have the flash wash out to white the subject.
  • If your camera has a white balance adjustment, change it to the type of indoor lights you have to avoid yellow whites.
  • If the scale/size of what you are photgraphing is not obvious, put something in picture for the future viewer to be able to determine size, ie pencil, watch etc.

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Following excellent info & links provided by member "thebelgiumpanda":

I'm just reposting work that others have done, but when it comes to photographing cheese these two posts have been instrumental in upping my game.

First off, building a lightbox

Mine is a tad different, but same idea

And as for composition, Lolo from Veganyumyum is probably the best amateur food photographer I have seen.  Her writeup is inspirational